Welcome to Flowers & Fringe!
Welcome to Flowers & Fringe!
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Flowers & Fringe was established in 2021 by Erika Nunlist. This one-gal operation is based out of the Centennial Valley, a remote and beautiful corner of southwest Montana. The nearest grocery store is 1.5 hours away, and during the winter leaving often requires a 27-mile snowmobile ride to get to a vehicle. Erika lives on a ranch that is currently being managed for cattle grazing and conservation by her partner, James. Erika and James have two yellow labs, 6 horses, 1 mule, 2 cats, and a handful of chickens to keep them entertained. 

Although living out in the 'boonies' can present certain challenges, it also offers endless inspiration from the wildlife, landscapes, and people who call this place home. You will find that much of Erika's work tends to bring in native wild flowers and wildlife, western landscapes, and ranching life-style elements. Erika chose the name Flowers & Fringe because it combines some of her favorite inspirational themes. 

Erika has dabbled in many art forms across the years, but when she discovered leather working, it stuck! This inspired her to turn her art hobby into a small business that would compliment her existing work as a Range Rider for the Centennial Valley Association. Range Riding is full-time for Erika throughout the summer months, where you can find her most often on horse back riding cattle and looking for grizzly bear and wolf activity. During the winter months, you can typically find her writing reports or doing leather work!

Erika was born and raised in Montana. She received a B.S. in Conservation Biology and Ecology with a minor in GIS from Montana State University, and went on to receive a M.S. in Animal and Range Sciences with an emphasis on biology also from Montana State University. Her M.S. project focused on human use at grizzly bear moth foraging sites in Wyoming. She has had consistent wildlife-related jobs since 2010 including work on sage grouse, mountain goats, big horn sheep, Weddell seals in Antarctica, grizzly bears, sandhill cranes, and long-billed curlews. You will find that many of these incredible species make their appearances in her artwork!