Welcome to Flowers & Fringe!
Welcome to Flowers & Fringe!
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How long will my custom order take? This will depend on a couple factors including how many other orders are in front of you, how big the project is, and the season. I have another full time job in the summer (May-October) so my production in those months slows down significantly. 

When will you list more items for sale? I will try to add items several times a month. Shop update times and sneak-peaks will be posted on Instagram and Facebook.  

When will you ship my item? Please give me two weeks to ship items out. I live way out in the boonies and getting to the post-office can be an all day adventure at times. 

How much will my custom piece cost? It will depend on the size of the project, paint and dye work, and any other customizations you are looking for. We can discuss ball-park costs if you contact me for a custom piece. Often I don't know the exact cost until after the project is complete, but can give you an estimate before hand. 

How do you determine the cost of your work? I take into account material costs, time, and the going-rate for similar items from other leather crafters. 

How do you ship your items? I ship items with the USPS. If you need items shipped with a different carrier, please let me know. Items will be shipped using priority mail and tracking. 


Please send any additional questions to Erika at flowersfringe@gmail.com. Thank you!